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We are fully committed with promoting and encouraging equal opportunities and diversity within our firm. Evidence of such commitment includes the following:

  • We are one of the Law Firms with more female partners in the Peruvian market (50%)
  •  We have written institutional policies that provide for the attraction, retention and promotion of diverse talent.

We promote the development of professionals (irrespective of gender) to achieve a balance between their personal and professional roles (e.g., flexible time, part-time, remote work, maternity/paternity regime).

In addition, our professionals are involved in different initiatives to promote equity, such as the following:



Our Firm is committed to respecting the dignity, individual autonomy and independence of people with disabilities, is free of discrimination, and encourages full and effective participation and inclusion in society, respect for difference and acceptance as part of the diversity and human condition, as well as equal opportunities, accessibility, reasonableness, and interculturality.