About Us

Estudio Olaechea is the most experienced law firm with the longest track record in Peru. Since its foundation in 1878, it has been considered a leading and prestigious firm at an international level, standing out for the practice of law within the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We provide our clients with an integral first-class service in all aspects related to the different areas of their business.

Leading firm with 145 years of experience and a well-known background in cross-border matters

More than 20 specialized areas

Excellent client service quality

Interdisciplinary teams based on each client’s needs

Our commitment to equity

50%  of female partners

A percentage significantly higher than the global average in the industry.

Likewise, the total number of female lawyers in the firm amounts to more than 60%.

International Acknowledgments

We are consistently recognized by top legal directories as leaders in the country.

“Their service is unbeatable and the speed of response is immediate.”

“Much more personalised treatment than in other offices, great clarity to express the pros and cons of the options.”

“Estudio Olaechea has provided us with valuable guidance and support when navigating complex legal issues.”

“They are fast without losing quality in the deliverables.”

“Direct involvement of the main lawyer in the case or consultation, not only in the first meeting but for the duration of the assignment.”

“Powerful team with strong technical and market knowledge, that provides a great client service and is always available.”

“Immediate attention. I can call them at any time and day and they are always available.”

“Exceptional and complete service, providing all possible scenarios prior to the adoption of a legal strategy.”

Global networks

We maintain cooperative relationships with the most important law firms in the world. We are exclusive members, in Peru, of the main International Legal Networks.